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Enrich Your Milton Lifestyle With Custom Deck Building

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Milton, GA, from the serenity of your custom deck. This outdoor space transcends the definition of a deck—it becomes an extension of your home, a sanctuary under the boundless Milton sky where you can experience life in its pure form.

Envision the soothing sensation of a gentle breeze fluttering through the foliage as you recline in your private outdoor refuge. Your custom deck is where calmness envelops you. It’s also the perfect setting for memorable gatherings.

Building a custom deck is a passage to an enriched lifestyle, fostering a deeper bond with the natural environment that surrounds your home.

Indulge In The Natural Joys Of Your Custom Deck In Milton

Envision the pure bliss of soaking in soaking in the sun or shade, enveloped by nature’s grandeur, from your tailored deck. Building a custom deck allows you to create a setting that suits your lifestyle, fostering a deeper appreciation of the outdoors.

Immerse in the natural wonders of Milton right from your home and benefit from the numerous health benefits. The serene ambiance and fresh, clean air offer a refuge from daily tasks promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

From savoring your morning coffee, performing yoga, soaking in your hot tub, or unwinding with a book, your deck is your space to relax, recharge, and harness the healing energy of nature.

Dedicated To Exceeding Your Expectations

When you partner with Story Custom Decks, your home is our number one priority. We understand the importance of your investment and what it means to your family. Together, we’ll make your dream outdoor space a reality.

Excellent Communication

Our team communicates openly and frequently with you, keeping you informed and involved throughout your project. This level of communication builds trust and confidence and ensures a smooth experience for you.

Here To SERVE Our Homeowners

It's not just about building a deck–it's about giving your family a special place to make memories. In our reviews, homeowners say they appreciate our professionalism, punctuality, and high-quality work.

Take The Time To Do It Right

Committing to quality and precision, we guarantee customer satisfaction by establishing a strong foundation for homeowners to cherish for a lifetime.

Story Custom Decks Proven Process

We want to learn about your vision for your outdoor space. Once you fill out our contact form, we follow up with a phone consultation to discuss your project more in-depth.

For more information, view our full, transparent process.

What Our Clients Say

Read our reviews to learn why our clients enjoy working with us.

  • Story Custom Decks, is reliable and does great work. I am very pleased with my new fence. I highly recommended them.

    Chad K Avatar Chad K
    November 15, 2019

    This company is a rarity today in that Ben Story and his crew takes great pride in their work and wants the best for their clients! It is amazing what they can do! Would highly recommend!! Definitely a 10 star!!!

    Elaine Pritchard Avatar Elaine Pritchard
    September 15, 2023

    Hands down one of the best deck builders in Ga. I highly recommend Story to anyone looking for a sweet deck space!

    bradley grady Avatar bradley grady
    November 15, 2019
  • Two words: Dream Team!! Ben and his guys are at the top of my recommendation list when it comes to replacing decks and building fences(that’s what I had done), and whatever other services these guys provide. Communication was never a problem with Ben. I called for a quote and he came punctual to the time, that we had agreed upon. I had called several companies beforehand and Ben was easily the best option: price wise, availability, professionalism. My mind was at complete ease when they were walking on my house because I knew that I’d be taken care of! I’m most certainly having him come back out for more of my to do list, and will always recommend Ben Story Decks to ANYONE and everyone when it comes to this kind of business! You guys rock!! -Customer for life

    Alex Furm Avatar Alex Furm
    November 15, 2022

    I had a great experience with this company, very professional and great communication. Top quality craftsmanship.

    Tiffany Sweatman Avatar Tiffany Sweatman
    November 15, 2022

    From the first time Ben came out to give me an estimate I knew I wanted him to build my deck! Communication was above and beyond excellent! He and his team communicated with me throughout the design, the entire demo and rebuild! Not to mention how high end the finish product is!! Ben made sure the little details were perfect before doing the final walk through with me! 5 stars does not do him and his team justice!! If you’re looking for a 10 star experience give him a call!!

    Chipper Jordan Avatar Chipper Jordan
    November 15, 2022
  • Working with Ben was easy and efficient. He is a great local resource!

    John Kluba Avatar John Kluba
    November 15, 2020

    When a tree crashed through our deck after a bad storm, my husband and I were suddenly tasked with finding a reliable company to handle the rebuild. After receiving several quotes from companies big and small, we were immediately drawn to Ben and the Story Custom Decks team. We could tell from our initial interaction that not only would the work be done to the highest level of craftsmanship, but that we would also be getting the personalized and focused attention of the whole team. Having to deal with our insurance was the hardest part of the process - but from the moment we signed our contract, it was the easiest decision we made. From demolition to completion, we could count on Ben and his team to be on site every day. If we ever had a question or concern, we were able to voice it directly to Ben and always received an immediate answer. Our deck was finalized within the original timeframe and to a level of quality that exceeded our expectations. We would recommend Story Custom Decks to anyone looking for a company with personalized customer service and exceptional building expertise! We hope to use them for all our home projects in the future.

    Rachel Wyatt Avatar Rachel Wyatt
    May 15, 2023

    Great experience. Very professional and prompt follow up.

    Scott Lindy Avatar Scott Lindy
    November 15, 2019
  • Story Custom decks is AMAZING! Ben Story and his team are professional, creative, and timely! This is a great team to help build your dream deck or outdoor heaven!

    Meghan Story Avatar Meghan Story
    November 15, 2019

    Story Custom Decks did a great job building exactly what I asked for - a quality job to the finish - materials, service, craftsmanship - would definitely recommend for your outdoor living space needs!

    Ree Gilkenson Avatar Ree Gilkenson
    November 15, 2020

    Ben Story and his team at Story Custom Decks are rockstars! Knowledgeable about every step of the process, and very clean and orderly! Answered all my questions and. made the permitting process a snap! My deck is beautiful and my family loves spending time out there now! My parents are getting older and their deck is falling apart, will definitely have him out soon to give us a quote for that as well!

    Jorge Perez Avatar Jorge Perez
    October 18, 2023
  • Ben and his team are extremely talented. We understand that you get what you pay for, and we got the best!

    Grace Avatar Grace
    November 15, 2020

    We love the deck that they built for us!! Very professional, courteous and finished when they said they would. Highly recommend!!!

    Heather Smith Avatar Heather Smith
    November 15, 2019

    I sought several estimates before hiring Story Custom Decks to complete my deck project. I was so impressed with the attention they gave my project. I wanted a custom privacy wall added to my deck and when they came to give their estimate, I was able to extend my existing deck as well as add the privacy wall for what others had quoted just for the wall. I have to add that the friendliness of his crew and their attention to neatness during the project was absolutely above-and-beyond!

    Stacy Jones Avatar Stacy Jones
    November 15, 2019
  • Ben is about as service oriented as it gets. He stands behind his work and does an outstanding job! Would not hesitate to recommend him, in fact, I have already done so with a good friend.

    Britt Grisham Avatar Britt Grisham
    November 15, 2020

    Very impressed with the professionalism and quality of this company! Highly recommend and will be using again

    Josh Silvers Avatar Josh Silvers
    November 15, 2019

    Ben and his team did an awesome job! Very professional and efficient! Would highly recommend Story Custom Decks! A+

    Mark Bertsch Avatar Mark Bertsch
    November 15, 2019
  • Mr. Story and his team did an amazing job with our deck. It cant get any better. He made sure we liked how it was coming along at every step of the way. Highly recommend Story Custom Decks. Thank you!

    Jessica Gallego Avatar Jessica Gallego
    October 18, 2023

    Story Custom Decks does excellent work and were a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them to any friends or family that need any type of deck work.

    Daniel Blades Avatar Daniel Blades
    November 15, 2020

    Ben's company does top quality work. We were very pleased with our deck rebuild. The Brazilian hard wood look amazing and will last a lifetime. The added value to our home matched his fee. They even came back 6 months later to apply another finish coat of sealer.

    John Hanning Avatar John Hanning
    November 15, 2020
  • Ben and his team are gracious, respectful, and trustworthy. Ben cares about his work product and his customers. I appreciate his quality customer service!

    Exie Lynn Seay Avatar Exie Lynn Seay
    November 15, 2019

    Our experience with Custom Story Decks has been very personable and professional! Ben is very detailed in his approach while remaining open minded about your project. We’ve always enjoyed Ben and his positive attitude and we look forward to discussing opportunities with Ben, as he is responsive and diligent in seeing success in each project!

    Chelsea Wofford Avatar Chelsea Wofford
    September 15, 2023

    We have referred Ben and his team to a number of jobs. Ben does an incredible job, his attention to detail is unmatched. They always do what they say and stand behind their work. Honest and dependable.

    Mark umberger Avatar Mark umberger
    November 15, 2019
  • Story Custom Decks did a fantastic job replacing our back porch and front steps and landing! The back porch was in terrible shape after 20+ years and the crew came out and quickly tore down the old porch to build the new one. They made the new one much more sturdy and safe for our family. The front porch steps and landing were also rotting. They built up our sidewalk and replaced it all very quickly. They were very attentive to details and made sure the job was done correctly. We couldn't be happier!

    Bethany Long Avatar Bethany Long
    November 8, 2023

    Ben & Story Custom decks is hands down the absolute best company around for deck & other outdoor needs!! He came out same day for a quote and the final product was phenomenal! I couldn’t have asked for better! Their work is just beautiful and is was done in a timely manner. Ben is always so kind and professional & was incredibly easy to work with, even with the multiple modifications I requested!! It’s hard to find good, reliable companies these days, but STORY CUSTOM DECKS comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me! Give them a call, you won’t regret it!

    Jenny Freeman Avatar Jenny Freeman
    November 15, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Deck Building In Milton

Yes, obtaining a permit is a key part of the deck building process in Milton, and our team is knowledgeable and able to guide you through this procedure. This crucial step guarantees your deck’s compliance with local building laws, assuring its solidity and safety.

With our extensive knowledge of deck construction, we’re familiar with the permitting process in Milton and will manage all necessary paperwork for you, saving you valuable time and energy. We collaborate with local regulatory bodies to procure the permit promptly, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free building process. You can rest easy knowing that we place great importance on abiding by local regulations, instilling confidence in the legality and quality of your new deck.

When considering the materials for your deck in Milton, GA, numerous variables come into play. Your budget and preferred aesthetic are significant among these, with wood and composite being two primary options, each bearing unique advantages.

Wooden decks give off an enduring, natural charm and could be the more affordable option, particularly when choosing treated lumber. To meet your design aspirations, you can customize these decks through staining or painting. Alternatively, composite decking, crafted from a mixture of recycled materials, presents a robust, low-maintenance solution. Though initially more costly, composite materials often lead to savings in the long term due to reduced maintenance needs.

Choosing wood or composite will depend on your budget, aesthetic preferences, maintenance considerations, and overall project objectives. Our deck builders can support you through this decision-making process, helping to ensure the selected materials perfectly align with your vision while delivering the expected quality and cost-effectiveness.

The foundation is a critical deck component, providing crucial support and durability. The type of foundation you need depends on various variables, such as your deck’s design and the load it has to bear. Typically, deck foundations employ either light gauge steel or wood.

Light gauge steel is known for its exceptional strength and stability, making it an excellent choice for larger decks or those in regions with tricky soil conditions. This material resists rot, pests, and warping, offering a resilient support system. On the other hand, wood is a flexible and economical choice for deck foundations. People choose pressure-treated lumber for its robustness and resistance to decay and pests.

Your decision between light gauge steel and wood will depend on the deck’s size, local building regulations, soil conditions, and budget. Our experienced team of deck builders will evaluate your specific needs and propose the most appropriate foundation choice for your deck, ensuring a robust and secure base that lasts.

Preserving the aesthetics and lifespan of your deck in Milton requires regular maintenance. An efficient approach includes soft washing, which employs a safe, environmentally-friendly cleaning solution to eliminate dirt, grime, and mildew. This method is gentle but potent, allowing a thorough clean without damaging your deck’s material.

Beyond soft washing, frequent maintenance activities such as sweeping off debris, clearing away leaves and branches, and swiftly addressing spills or stains can help prevent deterioration and keep your deck in excellent condition. Regular inspections to identify any signs of damage, such as loose planks or protruding nails, are also essential to address potential issues before they escalate.

By maintaining a consistent upkeep routine and employing the non-invasive yet powerful method of soft washing, you can extend your deck’s life, ensuring it continues to be an attractive and welcoming space in Milton for many years.

If you’re thinking about installing a hot tub or other heavy amenities on your deck in Milton, we must consider its structural capability to bear the additional load. A filled hot tub, especially when occupied, can be considerably heavy. In such cases, it’s necessary to secure an engineer’s letter verifying your deck’s ability to support the weight safely.

Our deck builders can assist you with acquiring an engineer’s letter involving a thorough evaluation of your deck’s structural capacity and recommendations for any necessary reinforcements. This evaluation ensures your deck complies with safety standards and offers a secure base for your hot tub or other substantial equipment.

Working with us, you can rest assured that experienced professionals will assess your deck and ensure they take all necessary precautions to accommodate your hot tub or other heavy installations.

Building a deck onto your Milton home has the potential to elevate its overall value, given it is well-constructed and regularly maintained. A well-executed deck expands your home’s usable space, adding to the total square footage and boosting your property’s appeal.

Potential buyers often consider decks valuable, as they offer a versatile outdoor area ideal for relaxation and entertaining. A well-planned, well-maintained deck can significantly increase your home’s attractiveness on the market, appealing to potential buyers and resulting in a higher selling price.

However, it’s crucial to understand that the effect on your home’s value can vary based on several factors. These include the quality of construction, size, design, and overall condition. Opt for premium materials, skilled builders,  and regular maintenance to enhance value.

A carefully designed and impeccably built deck can boost the market value of your Milton home, all while affording you the pleasure of a delightful outdoor living space.

Bask In The Exquisite Natural Beauty Of Milton